Guild Hiatus

Endric a posted Jan 24, 14

As of 24 January 2014, The Womp Rats are on hiatus. It was a sad decision to make, but the lack of activity has made it nigh but impossible to run events and it isn't fair to the few who stuck it out so long to not have support from fellow guildmates.

I am recommending those still playing to talk with Doroga with Swords of the Republic as they are trying to get more active guild members and their philosophies are similar to our own.

Swords of the Republic website:

It has been a great 2.5-3 years of gaming with you all and I hope to continue to do so in the future! Feel free to use our forums as normal and you have my contact information.

(I DO plan to be active again in SWTOR and when I am I might raise our banner high again)

May the Force be with you all!
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